Process: Kerry James Marshall


The most accomplished painter of his generation, we met with Marshall in his Chicago studio. We spoke on his strategies to circumvent institutional inequality, and his mission to diversify the cultural representations prioritized by museums and the art history canon.

Rhymes for Young Ghouls Trailer


In 1976, a Mi'gMaq teenager (Devery Jacobs) plots revenge against the sadistic Indian agent (Mark Antony Krupa) who imprisoned her in a residential school where rape and abuse are common.

Director: Jeff Barnaby

Process: Michèle Lamy


We follow Michèle Lamy as she rebuilds her studio in Los Angeles. With impeccable style, she draws, fabricates, and refines an entire furniture collection in a breakneck month.

Sitting on the Edge of Marlene Trailer 


Sitting on the Edge of Marlene is a darkly comedic feature film drama that centers on a mother-daughter con artist duo. An adaptation of the Billie Livingston novella titled The Trouble With Marlene, it is a bittersweet and emotional journey that deals with dysfunction, love and addiction and ends with an unusual deliverance for the compelling mother and daughter duo.

Director: Ana Valin

Barbara Kruger, Untitled (Questions) (1990/2018


In art, Barbara Kruger is known as one of the most significant voices in the 21st century. For this concise video, she spoke on what’s changed, and what’s stayed the same in the thirty years since creating Untitled, an 80-foot wall mural that raises questions about the nature of America.

Matthew Barney, Water Castings


Matthew Barney discusses the Water Castings series from his body of work, RIVER OF FUNDAMENT. Each sculpture is a relic from the process of foundry casting and shows the highly involved, fragmented performance required to produce it. Barney says it best; "its nature, both in terms of form and in terms of surface, come from the moment it's made."

Nichts ist erledigt Trailer


One momentous night in Berlin, three women working in a coat room struggle for reproductive choices better than just the neoliberal freedom to have them. Nichts ist erledigt/Not Yet Over, a multi-genre fiction film, incites us to look at feminism’s unfinished business from the bottom up.

Directors: Hanna Bergfors & Kornelia Kugler 

Lauren Halsey: we still here, there


We worked with Halsey to co-direct this piece. Together we made an intimate short, detailing her studio–a visionary archive reflecting the diversity of everyday black cultural experiences in South Central L.A.

Cruel and Unusual Trailer 


Wrongly condemned for killing his wife, a man (David Richmond-Peck) is sentenced to relive her death for all eternity.

Director: Merlin Dervisevic

Elliott Hundley  


In this elegant moment, we view the inside of the artist studio, which happens also to be his home, as a thought-provoking atelier, built on making artwork, and ideas, from the cast-off trash of the world.

Teen Lust Trailer


A shy high schooler struggles to lose his virginity before the local Satanic cult can sacrifice him to the devil.

Director: Blaine Thurier |  +1 424.381.2371‬